Issue 2 | January 2018

Business Technology in 2018: 39 Expert Predictions

Experts give their predictions for the key trends and technologies that are set to shape the world of business in the year ahead

Building a disruptve business model on IoT

When implemented appropriately, the Internet of Things is a powerful tool to disrupt a host of industries. But getting it right is about more than just tech

In data: The State of Enterprise IoT

Using data from a 2017 survey by GlobalData, we find out how much of an impact the Internet of Things is truly having on enterprise

Devices Designed for Industry Deserve to be Sexed Up

No one goes to work and expects to use inferior devices, but are creativity and innovation promoted enough in the industrial sector? 

Salesforce’s Internet of Things Plan

Salesforce has launched a new internet of things product that is designed to make the use of IoT data easier for businesses. But should businesses get on board?

Wearables in the Workplace in Reality

IoT-connected wearable technologies are increasingly being used in a host of industries to monitor workers and improve safety

Beyond the Hype: Making IoT a Reality

The Internet of Things has been subject to dramatic levels of hype over recent years, but now the dust is settling, the real possibilities are being uncovered

Google's Plan to Insert AR into your life

Augmented reality briefly punctured the public’s consciousness in 2016, but since then the tech has largely remained on the periphery

Industry 4.0: Seize the Moment (in Small Steps)

Manufacturing has emerged as a growth area, fuelled by innovative new technologies that combine to form Industry 4.0. But a lack of knowledge is limiting organisations’ ability to embrace the opportunities

Emerging tech Events in February and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia