Issue 1 | November 2017

The State of Technology Adoption in Business

Using data from GlobalData Technology, we look at the state of business technology adoption, with insight from key industries

Google Glass Returns for Business

Could Google Glass frames be the next tool no doctor can be seen without? We look at how the technology has changed the doctor’s surgery forever

Beyond PowerPoint: VR's Potential 

VR is offering a new, more immersive option for presentations. We take a tour of aviation research centre ZAL’s VR lab to find out more

How Enterprise VR is Taking Location Out of Training​​​​​​​

Travel is essential to international businesses. But with the advent of virtual reality, you don't need to get a plane to be in the same room as your colleagues

A Pathway to the Future: Hackathons

Hackathons are increasingly being used by industry as a tool for innovation, and even insurance is getting in on the act. But how do they help?

Improving office mobile service 

Improving indoor mobile service coverage for business environments has long been a challenge, but new developments could change this

Sustainability in Telecommunications

With KPN announcing plans for nearly all of its parts and resources to be reusable or recyclable by 2025, vendors are upping  sustainability 

Inside Europe's Oldest Virtual Reality Company 

Virtual reality is seeing an explosion of business uses, making waves in everything from architecture to the automotive industry. But it's been a long time coming

Building an Economy in Low-Earth Orbit and Beyond​​​​​​​

NASA’s decision to step back from low-Earth orbit leaves a space for private companies to step in and take advantage

Emerging tech Events in December and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia