From the Influencers 

This Month’s Key Quotes from Leaders in Disruptive Technology  

“These areas are massively challenging, and if we can solve them, they will have huge impacts on our business.”  

Vijay Swarup, vice president of research and development at Exxon Mobil, tells Bloomberg why the company is investing in hundreds of research projects on environmentally friendly technologies. 

“In the national security space sector, we’re in dire need of new thinking and innovation.”  

Fred Kennedy, director of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, tells a meeting of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation how private sector involvement is vital to innovation in the space industry, according to SpaceNews

“The idea that the deli has better technology than

Wal-Mart is stunning.”

Glen Kacher, founder and president of hedge fund Light Street Capital, on how startups are bringing innovative technology to small companies faster than retail giants can match, according to Reuters  

“We're afraid that large companies might be eradicated because of disruptive technology.”  

Kan Trakulhoon, board chairman of Advanced Info Service and co-chairman of Thailand's Pracha Rat steering committee on innovation and productivity expresses his concerns in a talk where he urged private companies to allocate at least 2-3% of their annual sales to R&D, according to the Bangkok Post

"What I see as being important across the board of citizens, customers, for us in Lloyd's and financial services is the Internet of Things. I just think that's such a game-changer, in terms of whether we're talking smart cities, or whether we're talking different and new services that we can offer." 

Lloyd's of London CIO Jennifer Rigby outlines areas of future transformation for the company, in a talk covered by CIO