Issue 3 | Spring 2018

Al Gore Wants You: climate change's Opportunities

Former US Vice President Al Gore is infamous for his work in informing the public about climate change, but now his focus has shifted to how commercial ventures can make a difference

Global IT Market: The Opportunity Outlook 

Using data provided by GlobalData Technology, we look at the IT market forecast through to 2021, and discover the areas set for growth

Scan, Pay, Leave: The retail fightback 

We hear from MishiPay, the startup that is using technology to enable retailers to bring ecommerce into the traditional store environement

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Fair Globalisation

Technology and globalisation have transformed our lives, but they have also contributed to what António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, describes as “probably the biggest threat to our planet today”

5G: How the Technology is Set to Transform Industry

5G is one of the most hotly anticipated technologies in recent years, but where do its true benefits lie?

The Future impacts of autonomous vehicles

Motoring experts offer their thoughts on how an increase in autonomous vehicles on roads will impact the industry

Holographic Computing:  Technology Disruption

Augmented reality is already transforming gaming, entertainment and social media, but the potential of the technology goes so much further

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

The circular economy is often dismissed as a fringe concept that is incompatible with the goals of business, but that perception is beginning to change

Best Strategies for Enhancing Digital Infrastructure

As switching to a digital business model becomes a necessity, we hear why companies should invest in IT infrastructure and how to get it right

Low Power Networks: Key to Scaling IoT?

If the Internet of Things is to grow to reach lofty industry predictions, it may need a big boost from low power networking technologies

Disruptive Technology Startup Report

Our pick of the startups making waves across a host of different industries, including operations, medicine and waste management


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