From the Editor

It’s often said that standing still is not an option in business. Innovation has become the watchword across a host of industries, with senior management scrambling to embrace the technologies that will give them the competitive edge.

But while there are common themes, the form that successful innovation is taking remains unclear, with a host of enterprise ideologies competing for dominance. Some continue the established conventions of capitalism, while others introduce fresh ideas that are the very definition of disruption.

One such area is sustainability and the environment, which, while so often seen as at odds with business interests, is increasingly being used as the basis of truly innovative ideas. And in this, the spring issue of Verdict Emerge, we look at how the environment can be used to advance business interests and maintain a competitive edge.

“Sustainability, while so often seen as at odds with business interests, is increasingly being used as the basis of truly innovative ideas.”

We hear from environmental doyen Al Gore about the investment and innovation potential of a sustainable approach to business, and consider the potential of the circular economy as a means of reducing costs base with help from Accenture’s sustainability lead. 

Plus, we get the thoughts of UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the fourth industrial revolution’s implications for the environment, the global workforce and beyond.

Away from environmental considerations, there is the usual look at disruptive technologies and ideas lighting a fire under established industries. One of the most prominent technologies on the horizon is 5G, so we look at how the soon-to-be-rolled-out technology is set to impact a diverse group of business areas. 

In the field of mobility, the incoming autonomous revolution is causing both excitement and concern, so we hear from motor industry experts about how it is set to impact the field.

Plus, we consider how retail could be transformed by an innovative payment approach developed by London-based startup MishiPay and hear how holographic communication could transform both training and customer experience.

For all this, and more, read on in issue three of Verdict Emerge.

Lucy Ingham